Nothing Doing

I seem to have hit a patch where I am not really doing anything. I am still reading the horoscope which I calculate for myself every day, flametending and observing the festivals, but I am only doing that which is necessary. I’m still trying to draw Irish deity trees, but that is because Brigit wants me to write an article, which is dependent on the family structure of deities.

This inactivity is not by choice : I have been trying to slow down for many years and failing. At the moment I am getting professional help as I am currently suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. On top of that I seem to have a more or less permanent cold. Or sometimes it’s sinusitis or just a bug.

I have a toddler and my ill health really impacts on him. For example, I can’t take him out to the playground on my own if I’m ill. Fortunately, he is happy wherever he is, but he’s still missing out and I don’t want him to. So this is a time when my health is taking centre stage.

When I am well (not counting my chronic conditions) I need to focus on sorting myself out and for once, taking care of myself.

This blog will continue for as long as I have something to write and as long as it continues being fun to write it, which is why I do it.


Deities in Spells

There is a fashion for “using” a deity you need into a spell.  This shows disrespect to the deity concerned and will not work unless you have a relationship with the deity, as the deity does not know you.

I recently for the first time used a deity in a spell.  This was The Morrigan, who I have known for years and will help me with spellwork.  I needed a triplicity, as I needed to find my wedding ring which I’d dropped in the car but despite extensive searching had remained missing and is one of three rings I either wear together or don’t wear at all.  The Morrigan makes a triplicity with Badb and redactions of the Lebor Gabala Erenn name various goddesses as the third.

If you do need the help of a deity who does not know you, then sacrifice has worked for me.  I was in trouble and had a meeting to decide what should be done.  The Irish deity of judgement is Bodb Dearg, so because Dearg means red I coloured a third of my pay red to consecrate the money and burnt it.  I got a very fair judgement.  Offerings will work as well, but this was important enough to warrant a sacrifice.


This year Imbolc fell on one of the days my son goes to preschool.  Great!  I thought, I’ll be able to get my ritual done without him here.  I love my son dearly, but it’s much more relaxing and easier to concentrate on doing rituals and spells without the fear of him waking up or having to accommodate him.

Then it snowed and his school contacted me to say they had to shut the school down.  So I waited for him to go to sleep and did a scaled-down ritual inside.  I normally use nine flames in nine jars with salt and milk, but this time I only used three as the area I have to work with is small.

The ritual went well, even though I’d decided to leave the cat in the room.  She looked settled and would probably have spent the entire ritual miaowing at the door and distracting me if I’d thrown her out.  Thankfully she stayed where she was, as cats seem to have a natural instinct for where magic or ritual is being performed and will happily wander across a circle as they choose.

Afterwards I made my Brigit cross and performed the house protection spell.

Christians and Pagans

A roleplaying game I was recently playing reminded me of some of the anti-Christian attitudes I had seen on the net and I’d like to say a few things.

My background is that I am a former Christian whose father is a retired Church of Scotland minister, so I have forgotten more of the Bible than most Christians know.  I have met many Christians : good ones, bad ones, knowledgeable ones and indifferent ones.  I would say that this is reflected in paganism : I’ve met good pagans, bad ones, knowledgeable ones and some that are living in cloud cuckoo land.

I will not deny that Christianity has harmed a lot of people, on the other hand Pagans threw Christians to the lions and I feel that if we had treated Christianity with tolerance then they would have shown tolerance to us in return.  In short, we taught them persecution instead of tolerance.

I have come across the attitude that Pagans don’t commit crimes, but I have worked in a prison and at one point there were three inmates who identified as Pagan.  Pagans are people and I suspect have just as much percentage of abusers, rapists, murderers and criminals as other religions do, the only difference is that since we’re not yet organised our crimes involve fewer people.

Disinformation – Rant

This is a bit of a rant.  Recently someone posted a link called “how to observe the Sabbats”.  I gave it a look and was annoyed to find it stated that Brigid was a goddess of the crossroads.

I commented on this, and the poster said “I just posted it”.  If you post things, please make sure you know that they’re correct and don’t disseminate any old bilge water.  There’s enough rubbish going around the net without people perpetrating it.

Imbolc Preparation

It seems odd to think of Imbolc preparation so early in the month, but after the secular New Year (which I celebrate because of my husband, but it is not my New Year) I start clearing things out.

I go through my mobile and clear out my contacts, messages and bookmarks.  I also clear out contacts and files on the computer.  I keep bookmarks in an email message on the computer, as I have had repeated problems with my computer account being lost and my bookmarks are suddenly gone. 

I go through my books and give any that are unwanted to charity.  I would do the same for clothing, but I had a clearout last July.  I used to clear out any cupboards, but with a toddler and medical condition I would not be able to complete this before Imbolc.

No Altar

I follow several deities but at the moment I have no altars to them. I am planning an altar to Brigit as it will help focus my flametending, but there is no hurry as she has not asked for it and seems amused at my promise.

To be honest, this is because I grew up as a Scottish Protestant. We have asceticism and restraint built into our worship and our churches have little adornment and no golden objects in them.

If my deities required it, I have would have to do it, especially Sianon unless I like problems with the water in my house.

Seasons Change

This is the time when the seasons are busy changing.  I notice it the most in my garden; the ground is now too cold for weeding and I am busy pruning, clearing the drive and putting drainage holes in the lawn.

I notice it also in the produce available in the shops; raspberries are no longer found and turnips have become available again.

Deity Family Trees

I am currently trying to do family trees for the Irish deities without my head exploding.  This is because I theorise that various professions were handed down in families and I am trying to find out if my theory is correct.

For example, we have Ogma, who developed the ogham alphabet and his son Coirpre, who is a poet.  Thus we have writing as the family profession.


I celebrated Samhain yesterday by doing a small ritual. I also watched “Arsenic and Old Lace” a black comedy set at Hallowe’en with lots of death and madness in it. I know a lot of people watch horror films, but I don’t like them.

I also carved a turnip lantern, which took the best part of an hour to do. It’s the hollowing out that takes time.

My husband was going to cook a dish his mother had cooked, but owing to an accident on the motorway he got back really late and we had a takeaway over a Babylon 5 film with Asmodeus in it, which was oddly appropriate as we didn’t know that when we started watching. I asked for “Sixth Sense” which would have been appropriate, but he didn’t want to watch that.

Turnip lantern (tumshie) ready to go on duty

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