The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men and all that…

If you read the last entry of this blog, you will know that I planned to live my life more according to the seasons.  So much for that.

I meditated last Sunday, and one of things that happened was that I met Flidais, the Irish goddess of woods, who demanded that I go to my local woods once a week.

So last Sunday afternoon, I found myself going to Linslade woods.  The woods themselves are five minutes walk from my front door, but I was first diverted by a willow tree who wanted to meet me.

The willow is a weeping willow, and unusually for weeping willows, the branches go all the way down to the ground.  The local councils usually cut the branches a foot or so off the ground, but this one has been left to grow naturally.  So I now have a natural outdoor working circle.

In general, I don’t really know willows, but obviously that will change in the future.  I’ve not been consciously avoiding them, but (apart from the odd one or two) I haven’t really come across them.

The second diversion was a small blue butterfly that fluttered near me.  I followed it till it stopped with wings open and observed it for a while, taking in the colourings and markings so I could look it up later.

Then I went off to the woods, and after a few false starts found the trail that leads to the woods.

Linslade woods are deciduous woodland, and it’s a fairly new wood at that.  It has plenty of character, but you get trees that you don’t see in Forestry Commission woods, like Field Maple.

So the first things I saw in the woods were that blackberries were starting to come out.  I picked a few on my return journey, and they taste good, so I’ll be coming back with some Tupperware next time.  It just shows how out of touch with nature I am.  When I was a child I’d pick brambles (blackberries) every year.

This is why I’m abandoning my attempt at living with the seasons, because it’s become obvious to me that I’m so out of touch that I don’t really know what the seasons are.  But I’ll attempt it next year and the year after that until I get something that works.  Just because you don’t succeed on the first attempt it doesn’t mean that you should give up forever.

I had a good walk in the woods, and yes, I’ll be going back next week.  I identified the blue butterfly as the Common Blue and identified another in the wood called the Speckled Wood.


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