American Gods

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

This book is about a man called Shadow, who after coming out of prison is offered a job by a mysterious man called Wednesday.  Wednesday is actually the American Odin, who is trying to enlist the old gods in a battle against the new gods of America who are Media, Technology and so forth.

I found this book to be an enjoyable read, but I only recommend fiction books on this blog if they have got something to offer me as a pagan.  And this one has stirred up questions in my mind as to the nature of gods and if they become a different god when they are taken to a different place.  I follow the Irish pantheon and live in England, so the last question is particularly important to me.

Followers of the Norse pantheon, especially Odin and Loki will get a lot out of this book.

Rating : 4 out of 5


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