Autumn Equinox

A few days ago I celebrated the Autumn Equinox. It was the first time I used my outdoor working circle, which is a weeping willow tree.

I wound up the circle by walking three times clockwise around the interior of the branches, stating my purpose.

Then I stopped and talked a bit about the Autumn Equinox and what it means to me. After which I wound down the circle by walking three times anti-clockwise around the circle while giving thanks to the tree.

I do think that calling the quarters is wiccan, so I don’t do that. And some trad witches do something similar, but I feel that’s extraneous to what you are doing.

I did mean to ask my deities and ancestors to be with me and keep me safe, but I forgot to do so. If I forget anything, I don’t stop the ritual and do it again from the start. I feel if anything changes, it was meant to be and we should just go with the flow.

During winding up the circle, the bus dropped someone off at the bus stop. It’s not a stop that’s frequently used, so I thought I’d be okay. Instead, I was bricking it because I’m working on public land she had the right to interrupt my ritual and circle. But thankfully the tree kept me from interference, except from my cat, who had followed me and thought the dust at the roots of the tree was perfect to roll around in!

This is why I make my circles with the intent and statement that they are meant to keep anything and anyone malign out, but let harmless entities in. You never know what a cat will do!


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  1. September 29, 2010 at 6:36 pm

    I forgot to write that I went back to the tree later on with some water for an offering of thanks.

    I poured three drops of water out on the ground and then went round the tree. Only then did I notice that the opposite side of the tree from where I had been conducting my ritual had a hollow, which is perfect for offerings.

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