The old tales are often dismissed as “fairy stories” but in Ireland tales used to be told to protect or bring good luck.

I believe that stories have their own spirit.  They change bodies in the form of facts or names, but they live on.

Every storyteller will tell the story differently, and differently from how they have heard it.  It’s not just the fact that they remember it differently, it’s that they’re telling it to different people, at a different time.

A story written down is just a snapshot of the story at that particular time in its life.  I read a book of stories recently and didn’t get past the first few stories, as the storyteller had made up bits and pieces.  Those stories did not have any spirit, they didn’t live for me.

One time I was going to a witchcraft gathering, where I had brought a story to tell.  Twice I had had doubts about this, thought I would do something else and twice I changed my mind.  I said that if it happened a third time I would do something else.

When I got to the gathering, the leader told us that one of the rules on the gathering was that everyone had to tell the truth.  The story I had had doubts over and told at that gathering was a story about telling the truth.


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