The Colloquy of The Two Sages translated by Christian J. Guyvonar’ch

This book is an Irish text, in which the two sages (Nede and Ferchetne) are having a verbal contest for the position of Chief Druid.

This translation of the text is okay, but I prefer Whitley Stokes’s translation as Guyvonar’ch uses terms such as “doctor” and “science” which have only been around for a couple of centuries.  I know translation has to be fluid, as often terms do not directly translate into another language, but my opinion is that these terms do not translate at all well into the Irish culture of the time the book was written.

Unfortunately translation of this text does not mean you understand it, because the sages are using obscure terms.  I suspect that today’s scholars could understand easily what the sages are saying if they were immersed in the culture of the time, but because people are not this complicates things.

In order to gain some understanding of the text I would have to take one line per week of the text and meditate on it, plus gain more detailed knowledge of the culture of the time.


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