Samhain and Wayland’s Smithy

Samhain is the Irish name for this festival, which modern-day wiccans have appropriated.  The Welsh name is Calan Gaeaf.

For Samhain we went to Wayland’s Smithy, which is an iron age burial mound.  Neither of us have family graves/ashes for a good few hundred miles, so we honour the dead there.

Previous people had lit a candle in the chamber.  We made offerings of hair and my betrothed suggested an offering of two tuppenny pieces, which we pushed into the stones.  Afterwards the car did get re-shoed (new tyre put on that day got a flat) but we need to see what the garage say to decide whether that was a normal or occult experience.  More on this later.

The next day was Samhain itself.  We lit candles in the kitchen and had our food there, while telling stories about our dead relatives and dead cats.  We also performed the dumb supper.

The dumb supper is when you lay out a place for your dead relatives with all the food and drink you would eat.  You have your meal and then throw away any uneaten food.

We also did a dead roll, which is when you recite the names of dead relatives (we also added the names of dead cats) and I used it to invite them in.  We didn’t see any of the dead this year, but hopefully we will next year.


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