In my opinion, the most important thing a witch or a pagan can do is ask questions.  Not just of others, but also of yourself and the path that you are on.  I have been a pagan now for eight years, and through the years have found that some of what I originally thought was correct turned out to be incorrect.

My stance has changed because I have read various books or had discussions with people, asked myself questions and came to a different answer than one I had originally.  Or my deities have told me differently.

If someone asks you a question it does not necessarily mean that they disagree with you.  They may be asking because they are trying to figure out what you have said, for curiosity or to see if what you have said has any relevance to them and their path.

Sometimes I ask myself questions and come to the same answer as I had before.  It’s never time wasted, because then I have thought through the answer and therefore I know that what I am doing is right.  Then it’s not something someone else has told me, it’s something that I know.  There is nothing wrong with learning from others, but I make sure I understand and therefore know what I have been told, whether it’s from people or deities.  If I don’t, I ask questions till I do.

There are always fools who will shout “you’re questioning my path!!!” loudly when you ask them a question.  In my opinion, they are insecure about themselves and what they are (or most probably are not) doing.  I stay clear of these people, because how can you grow in your path if you don’t ask questions?

I like people asking me questions because it makes me think about my path, and sometimes think about something which I’ve never thought of before, as others will have a different perspective on things.


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