Tree Ritual

At the weekend I finally got to do my tree ritual.  I’d been told by the goddess Sianon to go into the woods and find a tree, which she guided me to.  I was told to make that tree the tree for our tribe.

The Irish peoples used to have trees for various tribes.  There are several sacred trees that are mentioned in the texts, which include the Yew of Ross.  The texts also mention other tribes cutting these trees down.  I think that cutting another tribe’s tree down would not mean destruction for the tribe, but that the tribe would have made another tree their tribal tree.  I think that a tribe’s tree would be destroyed to insult that tribe.

I collected nail and hair clippings of our family, which is currently my betrothed, the cat and myself, then burnt them to reduce them to ash.  There are several reasons for this : ash makes the ground fertile, so we were feeding the tree.  The ashes contained part of us, so we were giving the tree something of us and also because the tree is an ash tree.  The last reason is because I was writing in quatrains and the druids, who would have written in quatrains, often used double meanings.  The Colloquy of the Two Sages is a prime example of this.

I am not an expert in fires, so I got my betrothed to help me with this, and it was a good thing too.  I built the fire well, but I put the clippings in at the bottom of the fire.  Apparently fire burns from the top down, so the clippings would never have burned if I had left them at the bottom.

Since I had a lot more ash than I thought I would have, when we got to the tree we circled it three times while I was dropping some of the ash.  I dug a hole at the base of the tree and put the rest in after saying the quatrain.

The result so far is that I have a picture of the tree at all times in my head.  So the ritual was a success from the point of making it the tree for my tribe.  From the book I’m reading currently (Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe by H. R. Ellis Davidson) which I will review when finished, the tree is a focus for the tribe and we should go there when we need help with tribal problems.


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