Winter Solstice

I celebrated the Winter Solstice by taking my home-made sloe gin and giving it as an offering to our tribal tree and two of the guardian trees around the area.  In our area there is a guardian tree for the forest and one for our estate.  The forest’s one is an oak, the tribal tree is an ash and the one for our estate is a lombardy poplar.

Guardian trees are (in lore) native trees, but the lombardy poplar is definitely a guardian tree as it’s awake enough to talk in winter.  Deciduous trees that are not guardian trees start going to sleep as they lose their leaves and by winter they’re sound asleep.  I haven’t tried talking to any evergreen trees yet.

With each tree I poured a little bit of the sloe gin out at three places at the base of the tree, but only with our tribal tree I took a mouthful of the sloe gin myself.  Drinking part of the offering binds you to the entity you are doing the offering to and I wish to keep the guardian trees of the area separate from our tribal tree.

The sloe gin was made a while ago.  It would have been better if I had sloe gin which had been made from the sloes in the area, but of the blackthorn trees in the forest only one of them had fruit on it, and as there were only one or two sloes I left them for the forest.  However, I don’t yet know all of the forest and I hope there are blackthorn trees elsewhere which will have sloes on.


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