Charm Bracelet

I have finally bought a charm bracelet.  Charm bracelets are an Egyptian practice which was brought over to Britain by the Victorians.  They are a way of carrying spells around with you.

I am using this practice because I work in a place where my bag has been and may be searched.  I carry two charms around in it : protection on journeys and a charm to reflect back any harm anyone sends me.  Since I want to add a charm for good luck for me to carry around, this is the point where the charms are bulking my bag out and also I don’t want them to be pawed over by the people doing the searching.

Also if charms are kept in a bag, there is the problem of remembering to move the charms to another bag if you are not taking that bag with you, whereas my bracelet lives on my wrist (except when I am doing things like washing dishes) and this problem does not arise.  It’s one of the reasons why I spent some extra money and got one in gold, instead of silver which tarnishes.

Unfortunately there is no equivalent of charm bracelets in Irish practice, or I would be using that.  I don’t like having to use things which are outside Irish practice, as it opens the door to pick-and-mix neo-paganism but there are some times when what is used by another culture is applicable, such as astrology from other cultures in place of the astrology which was used, but is only mentioned in the texts.

We can only reconstruct things so far, and there are occasions when we have to use things from another culture to plug the gaps.  I make an exception for a charm bracelet because it has a practical use.

So far I only have one charm on it, which is a horse for travelling.  Since the bracelet has been made with the objective of the charms actually being used for charms instead of just jewellery, the horse will work anyway but I am still going to add a spell so that it will be directed properly.  For example, the horse charm on its own may provide me with protection on journeys but without a spell I think that it won’t get me there on time.

In the future I will add a reflection charm and a good luck charm, but it will have to wait till I have the money to do so.


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