Celtic Pantheon

There is no such thing as a Celtic pantheon, but unfortunately that doesn’t stop people from saying that they follow it.  Usually they say : I follow X Irish deity, Y Welsh deity and Herne the Hunter.

Since Herne goes back to an English woodsman who was hanged in Windsor forest in the 15th century, there is no way that either the Irish or the Welsh deities would work with him.

There is no guarantee that deities in the same pantheon will get on with one another, never mind deities of other pantheons, so if you are mixing deities from different pantheons, you need to do a lot of research and also ask the deities if they will work with one another.

The word “Celt” first appeared when European tribes banded together to fight Rome.  The Romans called these tribes the Keltoi and over the years this became Celts.  These tribes would have different languages and have followed different deities.


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