Every Day

On forums I have heard people say that they’ve gone a long time without doing anything for their path.  These are usually people who are new to their path, as we who have been there a while know that not a single day goes by without us doing something.

It’s a 20th century invention that people can separate off work, religion and home from each other, whereas all three affect each other.  For example, if you’ve slept badly because something in your home life is bothering you, then your work life will be affected.  Your paganism can be used to affect both work and home.  And if the boss has been on your back at work you will come back home grumpy and this will affect your interactions in the home.

Every day I do things for my path.  At the start of the day, I check my diary for which planets are transiting to my natal birth chart, which is the planets in the sky when I was born.  This gives me a forecast of what the day will be like and tells me where and when I need to be careful and what is best to do on that day.

At the end of every day I give an offering to the land, which is basically for any spirits/fairies/whatnot that happen to be there.  If miss doing this too often, then my telly programmes either don’t record at all or don’t record properly.

Between times I may work in the garden, or talk to trees or read a book relevant to my path or go for a walk in the wood or meditate.  It just depends on the time of year and what day it is.  Every day I usually have some messages to read on forums or message boards.

My view is that you’re not really a pagan until your paganism is integrated into everyday life so far that you can’t separate your pagan life from your mundane life.


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  1. Luis said,

    January 25, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    Yes! Like you I spend time each day working with and on my path. The day starts for me with altar work to the genius loci specific to where I live, fresh offerings etc having cleaned and cleared the previous days first and literally sniffed the dawn air of the day as I leave the previous days offerings to the birds and other creatures.
    Feeling the astrological tides and land energies moving forms part of it too, just noticing what is currently stirring from winter and overall patterns of life gives me something to tie in other workings I may be doing. Listening to what arises from the deepening connection and acting from that is at the core.


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