The Annals of the Four Masters Volume 1

This book contains the annals of four people.  The annals are a description of the pseudo-historical events that went on in Ireland, from around 3000 years before Christ and 1600 after Christ.

The first volume goes from the start of Ireland, from The Dagda’s kingship to the 10th century.

Most of this book contains detailed information on kings and saints.  There are some pages of the book that deal with deities, but half of this volume is taken up with King X started reigning, King X died, had reigned for Y number of years and manner of death, King Z started reigning.  The other half is mostly details of saints, with some miracles and plagues added in.

I think that this book will be of most interest to scholars, especially the notes which make up half of the book, but anyone who wants a light read should avoid it.


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