Finding Your Gods or Your Path

It is not necessary to have a path, or a God and Goddess that you follow. I have known people who have been Pagans for over twenty years and still do not have a path, or a God and Goddess, but do possess a wealth of knowledge.

I recommend that you go to your local library and read all you can from their mythology section. Unfortunately my local library has twice as many books on Witches or Wiccans than mythology (I think it should be the other way around), but it’s a start.

When you have exhausted the mythology section ask at the enquiries desk for more books on pantheons that you either haven’t read or more on the pantheons that you like. In Britain there will be other books in other libraries that the librarian will be able to find and order on the library computer. My local library also has an archive room which houses little-read books and I have found useful.

You could also search on Amazon for books on various pantheons. Be careful to read any reviews that Amazon has and then order the book from your local library if you like the sound of it. In Britain, Pagan books start at £10.00 while ordering from my local library costs £1.00 or £2.00 if they have to go outside the county to find the book which is then usually from the British Museum, but sometimes from university libraries. This has saved me a lot of money, as unfortunately the genre of Pagan books as a whole is low on quality and I have read many books I don’t want to ever see again and am glad I did not shell out over £10.00.   Any books I really like I then buy.

From reading mythology books there will be certain pantheons that you like and some that you dislike, which will narrow down your search for a path. For example, I read about the Norse pantheon as a teenager so when I became Pagan I knew I was not a Norsie as I didn’t really like the Norse gods.

It would be best to start with the pantheons you know you have an ancestral connection to. Then if those do not attract you, try some of the others. I knew a Scottish Pagan woman who after a long while ended up following Thor and then found out that she had Swedish ancestors and I have known a few British pagans who followed Roman gods. Quite possibly they had Roman forebears, but that is unable to be proven.

When you find a pantheon that you are interested in there will be several Gods or Goddesses that catch your imagination. The next step is to research them. When researching on the Internet you have to keep in mind that the information you are reading may be a load of rubbish as anyone can write anything on the Internet. With the less popular Gods and Goddesses you will have a plethora of entries which read something like, X – a Goddess of Y or Z which I found very frustrating as I felt I was not getting anywhere.

Try your local reference library instead. It will have encyclopaedias you can check, plus a mythology reference section. Books take longer than the Internet, but in my experience it is shorter than the Internet to actually get somewhere.

Please bear in mind that this way does not guarantee you to find a path or a God and Goddess. I know of one Pagan who found that her Goddess was Nantosuelta and God Succellos after six years of being a Pagan, and since neither are a popular God and Goddess, nor is the Gaulish pantheon written about a lot, it must have taken a lot of reading.

Keep in mind that you don’t choose your God and Goddess, they choose you. You do not “work with” Gods – they work with you. You may not like or not have chosen the God and Goddess that you end up with. I would not have chosen mine.

I do believe that everyone has a God and Goddess, but it may take time to find them. I would encourage people to persevere even if they do not find a God and Goddess or path, because other Pagans will respect you for your knowledge about other Gods and mythology. It will also help you spot the Pagan wannabees as they quite often talk a load of rubbish about this or that God or Goddess.

I hope this article has given you a start in finding your God, Goddess, and path. Please remember that these are my words and beliefs and you are free to disagree with them and go off and do something totally different. Good luck in your search.


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