No Teacher

I’ve been ill for the last week, which is why you haven’t seen any posts from me.  But I’ve finished off a lot of books recently, so you can expect more reviews from me.  We now return to normal service with this post…

I have been without a teacher for nearly all the time I have been a pagan.  While it is a tough road teaching yourself, the upside is that you are able to think through everything and know and understand what you are doing.

It’s as the Bible says : “ask and ye will seek, seek and ye will find, knock and the door will be open unto you”.

If you expect answers to be handed to you on a plate, then you will be left wanting for a very long time.  But a seeker will always be able to find what they are looking for if they look long enough.

I have been seeking for 8.5 years, mainly through books, experiences, asking questions and looking for answers and reading on forums and message boards.  I often find that when you are seeking for an answer you find questions that you haven’t yet asked.


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