Beltane Part 1

I’m splitting my Beltane activities into three parts, so each post deals with different things.

As usual on Beltane I had breakfast and then a bath. I was surprised when I found myself thinking about doing a meditation after my bath, as I usually meditate after ritual.

So for once taking the hint and realising there was some purpose to this, I meditated and met Donn. This is his day (more about that in Part 2) and he wasn’t happy with me.

The Friends of Linslade Wood had organised a Dawn Chorus walk, where they listened to the dawn chorus at 4:30 a.m. and identified the birds singing. Originally I’d said I would go and then changed my mind because I was already aching from walking around London.

For me, part of my path is keeping my word and Donn wasn’t happy with me because I’d said I’d go and then didn’t keep my word. So from now on I have to be careful with what I say. I can say I may do things if I’m not sure, but once I’ve said I’ll do something then I have to do it. At his instigation I have written a list of things I’ve said I’ll do and haven’t got around to them, which isn’t as long as I thought it would be.

It may seem funny to some for me to have to keep my word as part of my path. Part of it is that I do try to get back to things that my ancestors would have done; and one of the values that I espouse is to keep my word. It’s often hard to do, but I have noticed that when I do it things go easier for me, even if they’re hard to put in motion.

With the way things are going doing all the things I’ve said I’ll do will take a while to do. I’m planning my wedding and trying to sort out the infrastructure of the garden so we can actually get down to planting things in it next year, so a lot of things are taking a back seat. I said I’d write some aspen lore for someone last year and have only just started it…


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