Beltane Part 2 – Celebration

So far, when I have been celebrating I have written a new ritual each time.  This keeps my rituals from getting stale and formulaic.  It’s easier to introduce new ideas and concepts in them and since the last time I have performed them I have done more, read more and am slightly different from the last time I performed them.

But this time I dug out the ritual I had used last time.  This time I am up to my neck in things to do at work and at home and I realised that I just wasn’t going to be able to plan anything.

First I made salt water by dissolving sea salt in water to honour Donn, as he drowned in the sea.  He was one of the Milesians who came to Ireland on Beltane and eventually settled on the half of Ireland above ground, giving the Tuatha De Danaan the half below ground.  I plan to pick up some real sea water next month for ritual purposes as I live several hours drive away from the sea.

This is the first ritual in a while I have not done outside.  Donn is the god who takes the dead to his house : Tech Duinn on the Beara peninsula in Ireland, and it was fitting that my altar is in the darkest room in the house.  I set my altar up with stones, some polished by the sea, some polished by hand and did my ritual.  I am keeping my altar to him up for a noinden, which is a nine-day period.


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