Coincidences and Free Will

I believe that some things we decide for ourselves, while deities can prod us to do various things via coincidences.

For example, I got into paganism and witchcraft because I was prodded.  One day I volunteered for a lock duty.  A lock duty is when volunteers man the canal locks for the boats and the boats give us a tip which goes to the upkeep of the locks.

When I got to where I was staying for the lock duty I was told that it would only take one day of the weekend and we’d go to a mediaeval fayre the day before the lock duty.  I’d never been to one, so I said that I’d give it a try.

When we got to the mediaeval fayre my future betrothed and I got separated from the rest of the group.  If we hadn’t been separated from the rest of the group I would not have looked at the Coven of Artemis stall and bought a magazine.

I didn’t join the Coven of Artemis, but that series of what a lot of people would call “coincidences” led me to search out paganism on the web, which led to me joining my first pagan forum, which was the now defunct UK Pagan.

Not all coincidences are deities prodding us to do something.  The problem with coincidences is that not everything in this world has a meaning.  We could spend our whole lives trying to make sense of coincidences, when in fact some of them mean nothing.


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