Belief in Deity and Following a Deity

Most of us believe in at least one deity, which is generally the deity you happen to be following.

However today’s world seems to equate belief in a deity with following that deity.  This is not so.  I believe in the existence of all the deities which are out there, but I only follow a handful of them.

It’s easy to believe in deities, but difficult to put that belief into following a deity, meeting him or her in meditation, erecting an altar and giving offerings to that deity.  This is what following a deity means.

So why should we follow a deity?  Because it makes life smoother.  You can make offerings to a deity of the house so that it will run smoothly, or make offerings to a deity of transport to make sure your journeys run smoother.

As pagans, I believe that this is one of the things that we have lost from our daily practice that our ancestors had.


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