Consecrating Items

In my opinion consecrating items is the ABC of witchcraft.  All the basic books tell you how to consecrate items, but they never state why.

The act of consecrating an item is to program the item to be used in a certain way.  This is why a consecrated kitchen knife will work better than an unconsecrated athame, even if it has fancy runes and carvings and costs lots of money.

The purpose to which an item has been made does help it work, but I have found that all items work better with consecration.  If you have bought an item in a shop, you do not know to what purpose the maker has made it for.  For example, if you buy a wand its maker may have made it to be a wand used for healing and you bought it to be used for blessing.  If this wand was left unconsecrated then it would not be terribly effective at blessing as it was made for healing.

The best way to consecrate items is one which fits in with the path you follow.  From what I have seen, most people use the four classical elements : earth, fire, water and air.  However, if you followed Chinese gods it would be more appropriate to use wood, fire, water and metal as these are the Chinese elements.  I have a ritual which uses the Celtic realms of earth, sea and sky, since I follow an Irish path.


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