Celtic Religion by J MacCulloch

The information contained in this book is mainly about Irish and Welsh Celtic Religion, but there are some crumbs for Breton Celts.

This first half of the book has the usual information about Irish and Welsh deities, along with a chapter on Cuchullain.  It’s after you’ve got half way through when it gets really good.  The second half has chapters on worship of animals, worship of trees and worship of rivers, which in my opinion anyone who worships nature should be sat down and forced to read.  It also has chapters on druids and taboos.

It is the first book where I have thought “I’m going to have to read up some of the books referenced to see if they can expand upon this topic”.  It’s a text which I’ve read and thought that I can base a lot of my practice upon and am already making changes to because of this book.  It can be found at Sacred Texts.


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