To do, to Dare and to Keep Silent Part Three

The third part of this triad is to keep silent. There are things you are asked to keep silent about, and whether this is an oath or a promise to a deity, in my opinion you should not break either of these.

If you break an oath which is a magical bond, then in my ‘umble opinion if you get magical repercussions, then you knew that something would happen and it’s your own fault and responsibility. I have made promises to deities to keep things silent until the deity says otherwise. I will not break my word as it goes against my ethics and also because I believe the deity would mete some sort of repercussion out to me. If someone were to find out, accidentally or otherwise, then that would be different.

The other part of keeping silent is how much do you tell anyone? There are people out there who just want their path handed to them on a plate. They want to follow. They don’t want to do any work. This blog is written for fun, but I deliberately give people the framework and not any of the details. For example, when I have helped with a spell, I’ve said that you can use X and Y but I haven’t given them any of the words. The only time I’ve made an exception was when I gave someone a ritual because she had clearly done the work and read a lot of the forum I was on, she wanted to know what to study next (out of three choices) and no-one else was able to help her.

People will take what you write and put up on the net and blindly copy it, instead of doing the work and (most importantly) thinking for themselves. The people who have the real problems with this are those who are running pagan businesses. Time and time again they put up pictures of what they are selling only to find that someone else has copied what they have done. Frankly, I hope the deities have a lightning bolt with these people’s names on it.


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