Asking for Help on the net

One thing that happens periodically on the net is that people of whom you have no knowledge of turn up and ask for assistance with a spell or a dream.

Usually these people are ignored by most people. This is not just because we do not know these people, but because they have not shown that they will do a certain amount of work. There is the whole of the net to research spells and while a question such as “this spell says to use a blue candle, but I don’t understand why” will get a lot of responses while just a plain request for help (e.g. “I need help with a court case”) will not.

In other words, if you are asking for help with a spell or dream via the net, do some research first. Last January a well-known pagan wrote some pagan verse and posted it on a message board. I understood some of it and wanted to know what the rest meant. I also knew that he did not know me at all and if I just asked what it was about he would probably ignore me.

So I went away and researched some things in the poem which I didn’t know, thought about the rest and wrote to him with what I thought it meant. For nearly all of the poem I had been able to work out a meaning, but there were one or two things for which I just guessed. And because I had put in the work and shown him I had put the work in, I got an answer.


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