Approaching Deities in Meditation

When I first met deities in meditation I approached them with awe. I quickly found out that my deities do not like this and if they are testing you (which they have done to me, usually around the time that they first meet me) then that puts you at a severe disadvantage, as it is difficult to summon up the courage needed to pass the tests.

I have found that the best way to speak to deities is to be polite and friendly at all times. When they have asked me to do something I have always said yes, but I have made my own terms. I currently have things that two of my deities want me to do, but I have bargained with them that I will do it by the end of this current year and not now like they want me to. I have never yet refused a request from a deity.

As to any tests they give you : all I will reveal is that these are tests of wit and knowledge. I have to be on my toes when talking to a lot of deities as they may throw something into the conversation just to test me, or sometimes a trickster deity will show up and pretend to be someone else. It’s my opinion that these tests are to see if I really do follow Irish deities and am not just playing at it. Most of these tests I have passed, but I have failed an occasional one.


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