Highs and Lows

In Paganism/witchcraft people will have highs and lows like everyone else. When you’ve made a discovery that has changed your path and the way you see it, you feel you can almost touch the stars.

Then there are the times that you feel you know nothing. You’ve made a blunder, or got something spectacularly wrong and it gets you down.

There are also odd times when doubts creep in and you experience what is, in my opinion, over-dramatically called “the long dark night of the soul”. I prefer the more prosaic term “crisis of faith” that the other religions call it.

This happens when something does not work out, usually something to do with the deities or a major spell has gone phut. You start questioning if the deities are really there, if magic really exists, or if you’re just believing in fantasies.

Most of us come through this crisis of faith, but some people do not. We all have to find our way in life, and paganism/witchcraft is not for everybody.


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