Odds n Ends

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything for this blog. This is because I was going to write up what I did at the Winter Solstice, then I fell ill with a diarrhoea bug and wasn’t well enough to look at a computer until a couple of days ago.

The Winter Solstice passed well, with my husband and myself making a libation to all the guardian trees around our area and our tribal tree. The libation was the last of my sloe gin. We returned home and ate some spicy biscuits I’d cooked for the festival.

I also managed to make a place for Eochaid in our car. Eochaid is the Irish deity of horses, so it makes sense he’d want a place in our car. My husband found a drawing on the net of a horse which was rearing up because of lightning. I copied it out onto a card which we’ve put in the car.


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