Unable to do Things

If you think of the archetypal witch a picture comes to mind of someone who is skilled in spells, divination, herbs, cooking, can craft anything that comes to mind and perfectly invoke a deity or do a ritual at a moment’s notice.

As we all know, the reality is very different. I’ve been a pagan for coming up to ten years now and I know about Irish deities, birth charts in astrology, ritual, cooking and trees. Anything else is subject to odd things I’ve picked up from the net or read, as we can’t know everything.

Some pagans I have met don’t do spells. So far I have always been told by the pagans themselves that the reason is they don’t have the talent to do spells and have tried and failed too many times. If you can’t do spells, you can always do rituals instead. There is also the option of doing offerings, sacrifices or promises to deities.

For all of us, there are things we can’t do. For example, I can’t scry. I’ve tried a couple of times and someone tried to teach me at a weekend meeting, but I couldn’t see anything. It doesn’t matter, as there are other ways to find things. I concentrate on the things I can do rather than the things I can’t. Since I can’t scry I use other forms of divination.

We all have talents in some areas and not others. Some people are great at spells, others are great at divination and others are great at making things. Some people have areas where they just cannot pick things up and scrying is one of mine.


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