Spring Equinox

It’s been a bit of a strange celebration for me. I was ill over Spring Equinox and had to work as I would get a warning because I’ve had too much sick. So I went to the weeping willow and performed my ritual. It was designed to give us rain, since we live in a drought area in Britain, but unfortunately doesn’t seem to have worked.

This is my New Year and the time I make new goals and look over the old ones. Of the last year, I have completed two out of five of them : the first was to stain all the wood and cut down all the ivy in the garden and the second was to make a new recipe each month.

In addition to this I am managing not to have to throw out vegetables which are going off in the salad drawer. In doing this we’ve been saving money, which is not to be sneezed at in this current financial climate.

The goals for this year are : to make my Ogham divination tools, to go to St. Tiggywinkles (a wildlife sanctuary I wanted to go to last year and failed to do so), design the garden which is like a jungle at the moment, make a garden bench and lastly finish my avatar, which I didn’t do last year.

The one goal I don’t have on my list from last year is to do a spell each month. I would love to do this but I think I didn’t do it last year because the garden took so much time. The garden is going to take a lot of time this year as well because I need to do a lot of research about what I’m going to put into it. I want it to be a cottage garden and be filled with magical plants which are good for wildlife.

I’ve been doing goals for a few years now and have never managed to get more than two or three finished per year. That’s something I need to work on and is why I don’t have the spell goal back this year as I don’t think I’ll be able to do it.


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