Interesting Times

Of all the planets that make life interesting, in my opinion Uranus is the worst. It is the worst because it governs things that are unseen until they strike, like lightning and electricity.

I have found that Uranus will strike without warning. The best thing to do under a negative Uranus transit is to make sure you are protected and to be careful. For example, Uranus is currently opposite my natal Pluto. Last week a car flashed its lights at me in the street to say I could cross the road. Instead of going ahead and crossing I looked to my right to check there was nothing coming. A milk van immediately whizzed around the corner. If I had stepped out I could have been looking at several broken bones and a long time off work.

Everyone has trouble during their Saturn return, as Saturn stops things happening. When Saturn is in a positive aspect, this means that Saturn puts the brakes on to stop you going full tilt ahead. In a negative one, or Saturn return, things just aren’t happening and the best thing to do is to wait until they start happening again. In my case, this took 2.5 years as Saturn was moving back and forward.

Pluto can be troublesome, but it is a planet concerned with hidden things such as your psyche and identity. Dark and troublesome things can be unearthed during a negative aspect, while even a positive aspect can be unsettling.


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