Meeting the Other Crowd by Edward Linehan

I bought this book after hearing Edward Linehan speak about fairies on Radio 4. He is unusual in that he refreshingly states that he does believe in them and in this book he has collected stories from all over Ireland about the fairies.

It is an excellent book, covering all aspects of the fairies. From people being “carried”, which means being abducted by the fairies, to the fairy creatures to the revenge that fairies take on people for meddling in their affairs.

You really get a feel for the fairies of Ireland and in particular County Clare in this book. If you have to own just one book on fairies, buy this one. If you are looking for happy endings, buy another one because there are not very many of them in this book. This book clearly warns that no good comes of meddling with the fairies; they are best left alone and are certainly not nice.


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