My Definition of Traditional Witchcraft

I try and practice Irish Traditional Witchcraft. As I have no teacher, this means reading a lot of folklore and finding crumbs that will enrich my practice.

When it comes down to it traditional witchcraft is all about blood and bones and sex. If those things make you go ick or feel like running away screaming, then I would advise you to choose another path.

I would also caution readers to keep their practices safe and within the law of the country you reside in.

If you let blood, use a pin or needle sterilised by dropping it into boiling water. If you are practising sex for ritual or magical purposes, always use a condom unless you are trying to get pregnant. Also, don’t do it if you feel uncomfortable with what is happening.

Having said that, I do not practice sex magic as my husband would not be happy with me having another partner and I don’t want to wreck my relationship with him, so I find other ways.


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