Last Wednesday I celebrated Lughnasadh. Lugh set up Lughnasadh to be the funeral games for Tealte, Lugh’s nurse who died clearing the plain of Mag Mell.
I decided to chop the grass under the tree where I celebrate the festivals as a re-enactment of what Tealte had done. However, the gods had other ideas and when I got to the tree there was a heap of branches lying on the ground which had come down with the high winds.

So I had to go back to the house and get the basket we use to carry garden waste, plus shears and secateurs instead of the scissors I had planned to use.

I enjoyed doing it, which I didn’t expect as my back was aching beforehand and I had a blister on my foot. I had to unwind the circle to take a basketload and dump it in our bin, then wind the circle back up to finish the ritual.

In the ritual I asked for sun and summer to come. We need the sun for the crops, as it should be harvest time and a lot of the crops are still in the fields.

Afterwards I had a cup of tea and a piece of Irish cake called a barm brack, normally made at Lughnasadh, which I’d made myself. I think the yeast it had been made with hadn’t risen properly, which was why it was burnt on the top, so I just sliced off the burnt bits.

Then I went upstairs to watch horse-racing and hurley on the internet as Lugh brought horse-racing, ball-playing and fidchell (similar to chess) to Ireland and they were part of the funeral games. I couldn’t find any fidchell on the net. A couple of years ago a friend sent me a site where I could play fidchell, but the computer was so fast I couldn’t see what it was doing.


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