Autumn Equinox

For the Autumn Equinox ritual I dressed in blue, green and red, which are the colours of life and the light days to me. I said goodbye to the light days and took the clothes off. I then replaced them with red, black and white clothing, which are the colours of death, to say hello to the dark days and welcome them in.

Afterwards I ate apple and blackberry crumble to celebrate. I’d foraged for the blackberries a few days before. Crumble only goes back to World War II, but it’s now firmly a part of British culture and enshrined in the national consciousness. I just wish I’d been able to forage the apples instead of having to buy them.

Old or New

In my path, I use objects or methods that go back centuries. Partly because my ancestors would have used them (except the charm bracelet, which is Egyptian) and this makes a connection to my ancestors in general.

I don’t use objects or methods just for the reason that my ancestors used or did things, as that wouldn’t be practical. If I had children and lived in an Irish long-house with cows and chickens in there, Social Services would be down on me like a ton of bricks. This is an extreme example, but you get the picture.

I also use old objects and methods because I believe that by being used down the centuries this gives them more power. They have been used by more people and I believe that the thing itself gains power and belief the more it is used.

I am not saying not to use new things as our practices must evolve and change with time. There may be no old object or method to use for something, or a new object or method may be better.


There are those who say “wicca must be an ancient path, because the word’s been around for ages”. Yes, the word has been around for ages, but words change meaning through time.

For example, the word “alien” originally meant foreigner as in Sting’s 70’s pop song “Alien in New York”. Today’s usage of it means that an alien is someone from outside our planet.

I could give countless examples of this, but the fact of the matter is that Gerald Gardner used an old word to give his new path validity. The path of wicca dates back to the 1950’s and no further.