I was an Armchair Witch

An armchair witch or pagan is someone who reads books but doesn’t do any spells or rituals.

I confess that I used to be one of these. I became a pagan ten years ago last Autumn Equinox. Then I was being treated by doctors for stress and was signed off work.

My concentration was shot and the only books I could read properly, from cover to cover, were graphic novels as they didn’t need much concentration. Other books I just flicked through, reading bits out of them that caught my eye.

It took me five years to be able to properly read a non-fiction book. During that time I really wasn’t doing anything apart from reading forums.

Today I often wish that I was doing more with my path, but I have to remind myself that I was unable to do anything much with the first five years of my path and I also have a full-time job.


If you look on the net, correspondences for colours generally say something like green for money and yellow for communications.

Green is for money because in The States their money is printed in green, while in Britain money is printed in different colours depending on the denomination. For example, a £50 note is red. So in Britain we’re better off using gold or silver for money, while in The States they would be fine using green, because their culture is used to green representing money.

Yellow is for communications because on the Continent the postal and telephone services tend to have yellow boxes, while in Britain our telephone and postal services are red. So it would be better if we Brits were to use red for communications and those on the Continent yellow.

As usual, your mileage may vary. Whatever you decide on as a correspondence, I would make sure you understand and most importantly believe in why you use it.


Last night I went to Treadwell’s to see a talk on The Curse of the Mummy.

I would have preferred it if the speaker had taken the subject of curses more seriously, but he came at it from the angle that the curses didn’t exist and made light of the whole thing.

Undoubtedly there are curses that have been whipped up by speculation and the press, but I do believe that some are real and would have preferred to see it investigated.

It was a fun and enjoyable talk, I just felt let down by the lack of rationality.