The Way you Tread your Path

The other day I was reading an interview with a Traditional Witch called Gemma Gary. In it she was complaining that other witches wanted her to be sociable, when she didn’t want to socialise.
Socialising with others is only one of the ways you can tread your path. Like Gemma, you may not like socialising and prefer your own company. I have friends who have complained of wannabees and idiots cluttering up the social scene, so they don’t socialise much.

Another way is to read books, magazines, forums and anything you come across. With books I would advise you to stay away from the Mind, Body and Soul section of the bookshops as the books they have are either information for absolute beginners or usually have one or two pertinent facts and the rest is rubbish. I advise that you stick to the Myths and Legends or Archaeology sections.
Another way is to go out there and do things. Write rituals (if you’re solitary there is no-one to criticise, if you’re not there are people to help) and do spells.

Yet another is to meditate and go on shamanic journeys.

The last way is to go out into nature and observe. This can be useful if you’re following a nature-based path, but cannot be used on its own as you then have pagans who say they observe nature, but do not know that berries come from flowers.

I would advise that any witch or pagan use a variety of the methods above (and any others that seem best to them) to proceed on their path. Which you use and how much you use them are up to you. We are not required to be social animals or to be constantly observing nature, we are individuals and what works for one person will not work for another.

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