St Tiggwinkles

As part of my 40th birthday celebrations I went to St Tiggywinkles, which is a wildlife hospital in Britain.

As the name suggests, it’s well known for taking in hedgehogs, but it caters for all manner of wild animals.

I went round the pens and saw deer, a fox, red kites, a hedgehog, a heron and many ducks. Some of the animals are permanent residents as they wouldn’t survive in the wild. Some of them will be released when appropriate. They have a lot of baby hedgehogs who can’t hibernate because they don’t have enough weight to survive hibernation.

The staff were friendly and great and made sure that I saw the baby hedgehogs.

There’s also a museum that I went round. I was fascinated at the exhibits of animals skulls, but I wasn’t interested in most of the hedgehog museum. I like hedgehogs, but they gave my cat ringworm once, so I prefer to keep my distance!


1 Comment

  1. elmwych said,

    November 27, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Sounds a cool place, to far for me. I love Hedgehogs, but aww your poor kitty.

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