Lead-up to Imbolc

The whole of January is a lead up to Imbolc for me.

It’s the time when I go through my paperwork, books, DVDs, old letters etc and either throw things in the bin or give them to charity.

This year, a friend of mine gave me the idea of using up everything that is in the freezer, so we’re doing that and saving a lot of money doing it.

Learning from Nature, not Books

Recently someone has posted on Facebook, “you can learn more from nature than you ever can in a book”.

This claim is made by people who don’t want to bother with learning books, studying or putting the hard work in. They just want to wander outside for an hour or so a week and say “they’re learning from nature”.

There are some books that I have only learnt one or two things from and I would say that you can learn more from nature than reading them, but those are bad books. A good book, like J.A. MacCulloch’s Celtic Religion (available free on Sacred Texts website) has, in a few hours, taught me just as much as I’ve learnt from being outside with nature for many hours.

Go out and learn from nature, but don’t let this stop you from learning from books. Both of them have value and you can learn things from one that you can’t from the other.


I am a polytheist, which means I follow many deities. I started out as following one deity, then more and more made themselves known to me.

It sounds confusing, but I don’t deal with all of them all of the time. It used to be that I was dealing with mainly male deities, mainly The Dagda and Donn. At the moment I’m dealing with mainly female deities, mainly The Morrigan and Sianon.

I haven’t chosen which deities appear and disappear in my life, and don’t worry about who is currently involved in my life. I think they are drawn to what I am currently doing or not doing in my life.