Fallow Times

There are times like I have now when it feels like you’re not doing anything much. Then you examine what you do and realise that you are doing things.

I thought I wasn’t doing anything much, then started to write this post and realised how much I am doing.

Currently I’m getting back into meditating, talking to a tree twice a day and watching the birds in my garden. Yesterday a pair of sparrows were fighting in the elder tree. Hubby said it was a good sign as it was a mating ritual and it meant spring would be on the way.


A lot of pagans seem to think that the only way of connecting with nature is to go out into the country.

This isn’t true : you don’t need the country to connect with nature. You can connect with the trees in the city centre, watch the starlings as they flock in the dusk over the buildings or go to a local park to see the flowers.

Nature is all around us, it’s not just found in the country.

Circle Casting

Since reading Lady Wilde’s Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland I’ve been developing a new way of casting a circle based on information within this book. The book states that fire, milk and salt are sacred and used to keep away evil.

Since nine is a sacred number in Irish mythology I got nine jars, removed their labels and consecrated them.

To cast the circle I place nine jars in a circle. I then put salt in each of them, going round sunwise, saying “I place salt in this jar to keep evil out”. I do the same with milk and lastly I light the tea-lights. Salt and milk can be interchanged, but since fire is particularly used in Irish folklore to keep away evil, for example a lighted coal under the cradle was used to stop fairies taking away evil children, I prefer to do this last.

After this I invite my ancestors, my gods and the gods of my ancestors to watch over my ritual and keep me safe during it.
To unwind the circle, I do everything in reverse.

It works better than casting the quarters that I used to use, but I’ve had to give up doing ritual under the weeping willow I used to use for safety reasons.


As usual I cast the circle for my ritual. I’m not using a lighter to light candles again : that was the third time running that a lighter’s failed and I ended up lighting the candles from each other.

In the circle I welcomed Spring in, calling it by its Irish name of Earrach. I said a short piece about it being Brigit’s day. I then did the snake dance to wake the land up and cause things to grow.

I then broke the boxty bread I’d made, which is traditionally made in Ireland at Imbolc and placed each farl (which is a quarter) in the circle as an offering along with some milk. I then unwound the circle.

Treating the Symptoms

Often we write spells to make changes in ours or others’ lives, but we need to make sure we are writing the spell to ensure that the change happens, not writing the spell to make the symptoms go away.

Many years ago I wrote a spell to pass a driving test, but wrote it to ease my nerves. It worked perfectly well, but easing my nerves were the symptoms but not the cause. I was perfectly calm throughout the test, but I still didn’t pass. I should have written a spell to ensure I passed the test.

Recently someone on a message board was asking about writing a spell to bring positive vibrations into her life. You can bring all the positive vibrations into your life that you want, but still have a bad year as that spell would not stop car accidents or people giving you a hard time.