Circle Casting

Since reading Lady Wilde’s Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland I’ve been developing a new way of casting a circle based on information within this book. The book states that fire, milk and salt are sacred and used to keep away evil.

Since nine is a sacred number in Irish mythology I got nine jars, removed their labels and consecrated them.

To cast the circle I place nine jars in a circle. I then put salt in each of them, going round sunwise, saying “I place salt in this jar to keep evil out”. I do the same with milk and lastly I light the tea-lights. Salt and milk can be interchanged, but since fire is particularly used in Irish folklore to keep away evil, for example a lighted coal under the cradle was used to stop fairies taking away evil children, I prefer to do this last.

After this I invite my ancestors, my gods and the gods of my ancestors to watch over my ritual and keep me safe during it.
To unwind the circle, I do everything in reverse.

It works better than casting the quarters that I used to use, but I’ve had to give up doing ritual under the weeping willow I used to use for safety reasons.


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