Spring Equinox

This was one of those rituals that didn’t go to plan. Nothing much went wrong; it’s just that I was listening to my intuition which took me off in a different direction than the one I had planned.
I had planned to celebrate it dressed in a green skirt, green top and wearing nothing else. Then I listened to my intuition which told me that it would be better if I wore nothing to celebrate the wildness of Spring.

So I’m out there in the dark, somehow managing not to step on any slugs (until our local hedgehog was run over s/he would often be in our garden) buck naked and somehow not freezing.

I dyed eggs the weekend before; onion skins for a sunburnt colour, coffee for brown and turmeric for yellow. The dried carrot skins somehow didn’t work, but since colour deepens when the egg dries I’m wondering if it came out a pale colour and I unintentionally re-dyed it when I used turmeric. More experimentation needed, methinks.

I was going to proffer the eggs as prosperity, as I read that this could be done, but I had left them upstairs. So I asked for continued prosperity for us and celebrated that Spring was here – and I’m writing this while snow showers have been coming down!

I really enjoyed this ritual, but wished I’d been able to find something on how the Irish celebrated the Spring Equinox. There are a lot of people who say they didn’t and maybe this is true.


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