The Purposes of Witchcraft

I remember reading an article on a forum by someone who said they weren’t doing witchcraft any more because she had got all she wanted in her life.

Witchcraft is used for more than getting what you want from life, it’s used to keep things as they are and help smooth out some of life’s problems, although witchcraft is not necessarily the best way to do this. This is best illustrated in Shrek 2 when Shrek takes the potion to turn him human, thinking it will solve his problems, only to end up making things worse. He only really sorts things out when he turns back into an ogre.

Beltane is coming up and I’ll be doing a spell to protect my cat from illness. Yes, I have pet insurance, but I’d rather my cat was healthy and I didn’t have to take her to the vet, put pills down her and so on and so forth. I have to get the vet to put pills down her as this is impossible unless a professional does it.

I started doing this spell eight or nine years ago when she got ringworm from hedgehogs and I had to shampoo the affected area, which was thankfully only her ear. I have been doing this spell each year and so far she has never been ill, but has sustained defensive wounds in fights.

It’s also best to get any illness checked out by a doctor before using witchcraft or complementary medicine. We need the diagnosis because if we start using complementary medicine or spells on an illness we don’t know about we could cure only the symptoms and mask the underlying cause.

For example, if you are short of breath and use complimentary medicine or do a spell to make sure you’re not short of breath, you would cure the shortness of breath, but if you had cancer then the cancer would still be there because the spell would not target it. Cancer is more easily treated the earlier it is caught.


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