The Crow and The Goose

A few Saturdays ago I went on an occult walk in the Southwark area of London with The Crow and The Goose.

Before we started walking, it was explained to us that geese were prostitutes in the Middle Ages. The leader of the walk (The Crow) had had various verses dictated to him by The Goose, who is the spirit of Southwark.

We were given a bag, which contained another bag with a dried apricot and piece of crystallised ginger in it (which we ate at one of the stops) verses bound up with a ribbon (which the leader recited) a random leaf of a book (which acted as divination for us) and a flyer for Treadwell’s occult bookshop.

Then we were taken on the walk that The Crow had walked with The Goose. It was a round walk, taking in notable sites such as the site of Marshallsea prison and the remains of Winchester Palace. All the sites were medieval sites of great renown. For me, it was reminiscent of walking the bounds. I’m sorry I can’t remember more about the walk, but for me it was marred by abdominal pain which I got checked out when I got home.

The last site was the Crossroads graveyard, where “single women” which is a euphemism for prostitutes, were buried in unhallowed ground. We did a ritual to honour The Goose (medieval prostitutes were known as geese) and tied ribbons on the gate as we can’t go in. The gate has been turned into a shrine and locals hang things on the gate to remember their loved ones who have died.

The leader was selling his book and at first I decided not to bother, then once I had got outside I changed my mind. Then the leader didn’t have change, so I went down to the bar who said they didn’t have change, then the barman changed his mind and gave me change. I found all this rather weird, so I’m definitely going to have to read the book.

Belated Post on Beltane

It’s a bit late for this, but Real Life TM caught up with me, so I’m posting this now.

I celebrated Beltane by washing my face with dew in the morning. It doesn’t seem to have worked as a beauty aid so far (I have a face like a pizza) but it may be a bit early to tell.

After I got back from work I did a ritual celebrating the coming of the Tuatha De Danaan and the Milesians to Ireland on Beltane, striking the ground as they did to maintain my links with the land.

I wish I’d been able to decorate a May bush, but I’d planned this at the last minute. I need to keep to planning my rituals when the last one has finished and not leave them till later.