Worshipping Nature

I can’t really separate nature out from the rest of my path.

You see, most of our deities belong to a race called The Tuatha Dé Danaan. At the second battle of Mag Tuired the Milesians defeated them. As part of the settlement, the Milesians had the half of Ireland above ground and the Tuatha Dé Danaan had the half of Ireland below ground.

Thus the deities of Ireland retreated to the sidh’s or fairy raths.

So because my deities are in and of the land first of all this makes a nonsense of trying to apply the Graeco-Romanic Mother Earth concept. Secondly this means that I have to respect the land, as my deities are of it and I have to take some care of it.

This involves identifying whatever is in nature and is of the land. It’s taking a while, as there’s a lot of diversity in Southern England. It also involves performing magic against any threats.


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