Cat Protection Spell

At Beltane I did a spell to protect my cat against illness. It can be done at other times, but it’s appropriate at Beltane and it’s an easy date to remind myself that it should be done.

Some of you will be saying that I should have pet insurance. I do, but the insurance does not protect you from the inconveniences of your pet being ill or from having to pay the first £50 of the bill, which has just gone up to £70 due to my pet’s age.

I made this spell years ago after my cat had caught ringworm from hedgehogs. I wasn’t insured then, as she was very young so I hadn’t bothered. The treatment cost me £100, plus I had to shampoo the affected part, which fortunately was only one of her ears.

My cat is now approaching eleven years old and apart from wounds sustained while fighting I haven’t had to pay out for any illnesses.


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