Magic Wands

If you come into witchcraft thinking that it will cure all ills you will be sorely disappointed.

There is no magic wand that you can own and make everything better with one wave of the wand. We all have to work at it, finding ingredients and crafting spell and/or ritual to make what we want come true. We also have to research what we are doing to make sure the desired intent comes true and, most importantly, think about it.

Sometimes it’s better not to do magic at all. This is one of the reasons that we do divination, so we can see if witchcraft is needed. I first queried this practice as my source was Silver Ravenwolf, but others assured me that it’s standard practice.

Sometimes things sort themselves out without us having to do anything and other times we need to step in and sort it. Divination helps us differentiate which it is. Witchcraft is hard work; why do it if things are going to sort themselves out anyway?


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