Tree Worship

A large part of my path is worshipping trees. I talk to them, give libations at the Winter Equinox and have a tribal tree.

Talking to trees is more difficult than it seems. First of all, the tree may not be in a receptive state. I would recommend trying to talk to a tree that you pass daily. That way, it gets to know you and you it. Whatever you do, do not try to get inside the tree and find out how it works. This is invasive and the tree doesn’t like it. Some trees can and will lie to you, so don’t accept everything they say.

The Winter Equinox is the traditional time that people wassailed. This was when they’d beat the tree and pour cider on it to make the tree (usually apple) provide more fruit. I haven’t heard of it being done in Ireland, but since I live on English soil (where it was done) I keep the practice up.

I have a tree for the tribe. This tree can be petitioned for family affairs via offerings and sacrifices. The usual method is to hang something on its branches – clothing or a strip of cloth.


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