I miscarried on 12th June, but I am only now ready to write about it and how being Pagan helped.

I started bleeding several days before I miscarried when we were on holiday in Malta, where they gave me an ultrasound which showed the egg sac but not the baby and told me it looked like I was miscarrying but it could be that my baby might be younger than they thought, so it wouldn’t show up on the scan.

When I got back home I asked my ancestors and the land I lived on that if I was miscarrying could it please go smoothly. It was important to use the word “if” because the doctors hadn’t been definite I was miscarrying. If I hadn’t used “if” then my request could have pushed it into a miscarriage as we get what we ask for and not what we meant. I also gave a general call for help when I was in A&E, saying “my deities, please help me with this” which is roughly the form everyone uses sooner or later.

It did go smoothly; even when I was in Malta away from my land, ancestors and altar. In Britain you can get a free card to carry that is supposed to allow you free treatment in hospitals in Europe. Before we left we heard on the news that there were problems with Spain accepting this card. I got wheeled into A&E in Malta, they checked our passports and immediately said “you’re British, it’s free for you”. We’re still amazed by this, especially as it turned out that my card was out of date.

When I miscarried it went smoothly. I did have some drugs as I needed to get to sleep as it had all kicked off at 3 in the morning, but after the first lot of drugs wore off I didn’t need any more and I got through it without any surgery.

All the staff at Milton Keynes hospital were very positive about what was happening and kept telling me that the next time they hoped to see me was in the delivery suite and asked if I wanted to speak to a chaplain, which I did. In Britain hospital chaplains will not try and convert you; they’re there to help you with the situation that you find yourself in and if they’re available I suggest that you talk to them.

Unfortunately I am still off work as I’m not healing well. My doctor has diagnosed a vitamin D deficiency which is being corrected by going out (he says sitting in the shade will do) and eating fish. When I got back from hospital I did a tarot reading which said I would recover, so I haven’t used magic.



  1. Sìle said,

    August 17, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    I’m sorry this happened to you; at least it went (relatively) smoothly for you.

    I hope your recovery improves.

  2. sweetspirit said,

    September 17, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    I am sorry to hear of your suffering even though you are a kindred spirit as i too suffered a miscariage many years ago.All i can say is think of sunshine,and may its golden rays heal you.I send you love and light and healing rays.It’s all part of the journey.Blessed Be Merry Part x

  3. September 18, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Thanks guys. I’m going back to work next week, so the healing is happening

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