Funeral for a Miscarriage

We had the funeral for my miscarriage last Thursday. I don’t normally put things on the net as friends have had problems with people stealing their writing and attributing it to themselves, but I looked for information on funerals for miscarriages on the net and found very little, so I am posting this. Feel free to use this, take it and change it if you need to – just link to this post or attribute it to Quercus Robur. If you do pass it off as your own work, you will suffer bad luck.

I keen for my baby.

“This is our baby, who I have keened for as Brigit keened for her lost son. We made this child together out of love for each other and desire for a child, but it was not to be. We had started to think about names, about planning to tell people, of the joy in our hearts and joy caused by words that never will be.”

“Memory of when pregnant
All I had is history
My time with you is distant
Thank you for the memory”

Proceed up the hill to the tribal tree and dig the hole for the egg. Put the egg in the ground with the lid open.

“We say goodbye to our baby, who died in my womb on 12th June 2013. We say goodbye to our hopes and dreams for this our child, to raising a good and beautiful person. We say goodbye to the person who died in my belly. We ask that Donn takes our child to Tech Duinn to rest.”

Close the coffin and bury the baby.

“Burying, we say goodbye
Baby we are interring
We don’t know what went awry
With who we are burying”

Tie red paper around the tree. “We tie this paper around our tribal tree. As the paper rots and decays, so shall our sadness and grief”.

“The funeral is now ended. We have said goodbye to what was and what could have been and what never will be. May we both have another baby in the future, a child I will carry to term and give birth to. I ask Una to make me fertile and bear another child”

“Happiness for the future
Pregnancy of joyfulness
Let my next baby mature
Be born into happiness”



  1. SpidrGoddess said,

    August 19, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    What a beautiful way to honour the baby. I am sorry for your loss and I send love to you.

  2. August 20, 2013 at 11:22 am


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