New Things

Once I was celebrating a festival with some druids. I saw a mound of earth near the ground where we were going to be celebrating, made some comment about it and got in return “oh, that’s just a new mound” to which I answered that everything was new once.

Just because something is new or is neo-pagan does not mean that it doesn’t work. Everything is worthy of investigation. I’ve used a weeping willow as my circle, which is a new thing, but it works. Our ways become stale and hidebound if we never try anything new.

Just because something is old it doesn’t mean that it will work. There are recipes for flying ointments which no-one would use today because we know they are poisonous.

Autumn Equinox

It was the Autumn Equinox and for once I hadn’t written anything. I was on the phone to my hubby saying that I needed things to be more structured; boy, did life prove me wrong!

I went into the woods to pick berries, taking along my tree/plant/bush blessing, which I used to bless the tree or bush I took fruit from.

I picked lots of sloes (sadly not enough to make sloe gin for the Winter Equinox but I’ll go back and pick some more) and loads of brambles.

I had planned to be back at the house by dusk to do the ritual but picking berries took longer than I thought.

So I did the ritual then and there using the walking stick I had brought along to inscribe a circle.

Water Blessing

I’ve had some time on my hands recently, so I wrote a blessing on the water I give as an offering to my tribal tree. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages and hadn’t got around to it.

I wrote this blessing and the next time I went to the tree I used it. The time after that, I forgot the blessing and just gave the tree the water, thinking it would be okay, as it had been okay for years beforehand.

Instead I got told off and now have to use the blessing all the time.


The words “negative” and “positive” seem to be bandied about the net without any thought of what’s behind them. For example “I want to get rid of the negativity in my life” or “I want more positive things in my life” – it’s a vague way which means the person doesn’t have to think or describe what it is exactly that they do/do not want in their life.

I once saw a spell that barred negative people from the house. If that spell had worked, half time the witch who cast it wouldn’t get through the front door!

We all think thoughts that would be classed as negative (e.g. I hate my job) and do things that are negative (e.g. getting back at a friend for something they’ve done instead of talking it out with them). We’re all human and therefore not perfect.

As witches we need to define what exactly it is we want with a spell, not speak about “positivity” and “negativity” which is the equivalent of waving our wands around saying “this is heavy maaaan”.